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A Lifetime of Learning and Creating - One step at a time

With a Master's Degree in Architecture from LTU Michigan, I worked as an architectural designer in esteemed Metro Detroit firms for over a decade. Since 2012, I have taken a leap of faith into the vast canvas of individual storytelling. As a solo artist practitioner, the past ten years have seen my journey through myriad self-funded artistic avenues, learning, struggling, refining techniques, and constantly innovating to align with my vision and the harsh realities of the creative industry. For me, it's all about unwavering dedication to inclusive creative visions. Through my craft and several meaningful collaborations along the way (with Indie Fashion (production), Ricardo Thornton (photographer), Kevin Carter (hair artist), Kala Express, and numerous talented Models, Videographers, Photographers, and on-demand print and sewing partners), my aim has always been to marry the age-old techniques with avant-garde and future tech and make art and fashion accessible for all. I have been stumbling and learning one step at a time.

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